About Parker Quigley Properties

Lake Hartwell Real Estate Specialists Since 1996

Why Us?

If you’re like most people, real estate is your most expensive asset. You can’t afford to make mistakes when buying or selling, and our agents are uniquely equipped to protect your interests when it comes to lake property. We’ve seen just about everything ranging from undersized septic tanks or unpermitted docks to people who simply never realized that they didn’t own the property all the way to the shoreline. Not only will we help you to avoid problems later on, but we’re highly skilled at pricing lake properties. Numerous factors impact the value and desirability of lake property, which inexperienced or non-local agents would never know to consider. The last thing we want is for a seller to leave money on the table, or for a buyer to overpay and risk not being able to recoup their investment in the future. 

In addition to protecting your interests, we’re here to make the process as easy as possible for you. We can often eliminate properties that don’t match your needs simply because we know the lake, or because we’ve been to those properties in the past. In other cases, we’re happy to preview or to offer virtual tours so that you’re not taking time away from work or your family until you know a property is worth coming to see in person. 

All Realtors® are bound by a code of ethics requiring us to protect and promote the interests of the client above all others without being influenced by our own potential gain. We take this obligation seriously and encourage all individuals to seek out exclusive representation. 

Sales History

Parker’s cumulative sales of property on Lake Hartwell make her the top selling agent on Lake Hartwell in the Western Upstate Association of Realtors® since 2002. The data shown below reflects the Quigley Team’s sales of Lake Hartwell waterfront property over the last several years as recorded by the Western Upstate MLS.

  • 2017: 22 units sold totaling $9,117,900
  • 2018: 34 units sold totaling $13,240,400
  • 2019: 27 units sold totaling $9,011,650
  • 2020: 48 units sold totaling $20,062,150
  • 2021: 30 units sold totaling $14,847,762
  • 2022: 18 units sold totaling $14,515,970
  • 2023: 17 units sold totaling $11,199,151

In 1996, company owner Parker Quigley decided to try a new career in real estate – a decision that not would not only change the course of her own life and the lives of her children, but would go on to have an impact on countless others over the next 3 decades. Real estate had always interested her, but it wasn’t until moving to Lake Hartwell that she really felt she had found something she loved enough to want to share with others. However, a love of her new home was not enough for a newcomer to have a successful career in real estate. As her daughter, I can testify that few people I’ve known have worked as hard as she does – especially in those first few years. Not only did she work hard to establish herself as a Lake Hartwell real estate expert, but she has always put her clients interests before her own. The public tends to view real estate agents as cut-throat sales people, but Parker has never operated that way. The goal is always to do what is in the best interest of the client. Sometimes that means referring a buyer for her own listing to another agent because she is already representing the seller. After all, once that listing agreement is signed, the seller’s interests are more important than her own ability to earn a higher commission. That means she recommends the tough home inspectors because she’d rather have her buyer clients terminate a contract than buy a home with unexpected problems after closing. It also means that she’s going to tell you exactly what the water is like at the property you love before you write the offer because what you see today isn’t necessarily what it looks like the majority of the year. If you’re her buyer client, her goal isn’t to sell you a house unless it’s the house you want, with the terms you want. If you’re her seller client, her goal isn’t to get your house sold unless it makes sense for you to sell, and you’re able to get the price and terms that allow you to move on to whatever your next phase may be. Her goal is to help you get the result that makes you happy, and that doesn’t always end in a sale. She is never going to pressure a buyer or seller into doing something that isn’t best for them. I’ve been working closely as her listing partner for the past 8 years, and I share the same approach to real estate. Some people probably wouldn’t consider selling real estate an important job, but we know that we’re playing a role in a significant piece of people’s lives, and we take it seriously. Most of our family is involved in this business, and it’s our clients’ happiness that allows us to continue doing what we love.